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Ummate Mohammadi

The Series ‘Ummate Muhammadi: Ek Joddha Jatir Itihas’ Receives Response

Ummate Mohammadi

Dhaka Reader: The ‘Islamic Video Bangla’ YouTube channel’s documentary series ‘Ummate Muhammadi: Ek Joddha Jatir Itihas [English Translate: Ummah Muhammadi: History of the Warrior Nation; in bengali: উম্মতে মুহাম্মদী: এক যোদ্ধা জাতির ইতিহাস)’ has garnered an enormous response from viewers. The trailer and the first episode were released at the end of January this year, captivating the audience immediately. Requests for subsequent episodes flooded in, significantly increasing the channel’s viewership. The series, known for its fine-tuned script, exceptional video editing, compelling background music (BGM), and thrilling narration, has resonated deeply with the audience in a short span of time.

Overview of the Series Ummate Muhammadi: Ek Joddha Jatir Itihas:
The documentary series chronicles the establishment and spread of Islam from the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It highlights how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) transformed a superstitious and misguided nation into a developed and prosperous society. The series showcases the Prophet’s efforts in turning the Arab society from the darkness of ignorance into a civilized community, leading a nation previously engaged in clan wars and bloodshed to peace and unity.

Unique Approach and Intent:
The creators of ‘Islamic Video Bangla’ aim to present an accurate portrayal of the Prophet’s (PBUH) life and the subsequent history of Islam. Unlike traditional channels, they strive to deliver the biography of Rasool (PBUH) with factual continuity and depth. The series covers the prophetic life, campaigns, battles, obstacles in spreading Islam, persecution by infidels, and the sacrifices of the Companions.

Production Team and Praise
The documentary is scripted, voiced, and directed by journalist Mukhleshur Rahman Sumon, with a dedicated team handling video editing, including Saiful Islam Badal, Khorshed Alam, and Moslem Uddin. Technical support is provided by Md. Shahadat Hossen. The team has been lauded for their meticulous work and the gripping voiceovers that bring the series to life.

Series Progress and Future Episodes
The trailer for ‘Ummate Muhammadi: Ek Joddha Jatir Itihas‘ was released on January 23, 2024, followed by the first episode on January 26. As of May 16, 18 episodes have been released. Shahadat Hossen, an IT person for Islamic Video Bangla, mentioned that the series will continue sequentially, covering the rich history of Islam without a predetermined end.

The series has created a significant impact by presenting an inspiring and accurate depiction of Islamic history, earning widespread acclaim from viewers and making ‘Islamic Video Bangla’ a notable channel for Islamic content.


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